Mushrooms growing in soil

Mushrooms started to grow in this pond basin with my bald cypress. I have kept the soil pretty moist, it was collected about 6 weeks ago. I have read here that as long as it is growing in the soil, it’s a good sign.

Do you tend to remove these after a certain point?

To my knowledge which is limited for mushrooms you are fine with them growing in the soil if you started seeing a baracket meaning growing on the tree itself is one I would start removing it just like you would with moss that moves up the trunk.

Probably not going to hurt the tree… Probably not the symbiotic type the tree wants…
Probably due to the (appearence of) high organic content of the soil you use. Photo looks like manure… with some pummice?
My cypress is in 1:1:1 akadama, pumice, lava. Mostly inorganic. Growing like crazy. I dont keep it in a pond. I do try to keep it damp. Peat moss top dressing and organic fertilizer…
If you dont like them, pluck the mushrooms. Fruiting body of the plant. Note, however 99% of the mycelium is still there. No easy way to kill it that isnt detramental to the tree. Its just digesting the organics. Next repot, try steam steralizing the soil first… pick up a used pressure canner. 10 minutes at pressure. If your bonsai soil was comercial, it might not have been sterilized.
In the past, I have had truffels growing in my oak forest bonsai… Watching my in ground small oak forest for them… yum…
I think a cypress bonsai with a appropriate sized bracket fungus would be super cool… they only grow on dead wood btw…
Bonsai On!

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I leave them when I see em - mushrooms growing from the compost or wood chips are just going to help break down organic material into mirco nutrients that will become available to the tree. Unless they’re growing from deadwood, I wouldn’t worry


@Daygo27 , hows this cypress doing?
Mine is finally getting tertery limbs. Just put it to bed for the winter! 14F last night…!

I gave them both a late chop (end of August) as they were going to be too tall. Luckily Texas is still warmish so the branches should have time to harden off. Took them about two weeks to start budding and have just been letting them do their thing. Will probably remove most branches late winter so I can get some buds right where the chops are come spring.

Here is right when each one was chopped (Aug 29th) to what they look like now.

Any tips on achieving tertiary limbs? And any pics you care to share?

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Watch the two cypress refinement Mirai videos.
I’ve used similar procedures. Also, late summer-- new tip cutting forces auxins back, so new fernlike growth hardens off before winter drop. If your tree has dropped leaves, now is the time to cut back to obvious new buds for direction growth. Wire now, especially a top leader.
Mine is under a kiwi arbor under a pile of maple leaves… 14F here friday night…
Oddly, I have not taken a photo of mine since early 2021… Too much wild growth to see anything…
Bonsai On!

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