Should I repot again?

Just repotted my austrian black pine this morning because I noticed some draining issues.
Just went to the green house to check again and saw that one of the two tie down wires has snapped.
So the tree can move just a little bit.
Should I take it out of the pot again and fix it or leave as is.

What do you think?

As it’s been such a short time I would redo it. A lot to risk if you leave it.

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Definitely redo it. You’re still within the range of time where the tree is – conceptually – tallying up the level of damage from the repot.

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Thanks you too.

Just re did it and glad I did it.
More secure and ready for the next years to come.


Did you use steel, aluminum or copper for tie down? I bought some aluminum electric fence wire once and it breaks very easily. I only use steel electric fence wire now and it takes a lot of abuse. The aluminum wire has been delegated to tying up vegetables and clematis vines… good luck. Nice tree by the way! :thinking:

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first time I used aluminum wire second time I used steel, so far I did use aluminum only and had no issues.
This tree is a bit bigger as my other ( I am more of a Shohin guy) :grin: