Rusting tie down wire, help needed

So I bought what i thought was galvanised wire to tie down my trees in their pots. I repotted 10 trees and now Im seeing rust on the wires on the underside of the pot. Am I in big trouble here? should I repot them all or is the rusting wires ok for a season?

Any help is appreciated


Sounds like either the wire wasn’t galvanized or was galvanized poorly? I don’t think the rust itself is detrimental to the health of your trees, the only issue would be if the wire breaks and no longer serves the purpose of holding the tree securely in the pot. Luckily, as a tree grows roots the wire is less essential to hold the tree in place. If it’s just another season until you repot these trees it will probably be fine.


Ok that’s thats a relief, thank you. Well I wasn’t gonna repot next year but if it is necessary for keeping the health of the tree I could repot. Some of them are conifers and was supposed to stay several years in their new pots. I’ll see how it goes. As long as the wire isn’t hurting the roots or microbial activity in the pot I’m ok :slightly_smiling_face: thanks again

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Mabey keep an eye on the trees and give them a little wiggle now and then. If they go lose you may need a back up.


I would not worry.
I use galvanized 17 gauge fencing hotwire. Animal supply store. Get the small role, $8. I have never seen mine rust. 4 years.
Free iron is good for the tree and microbiom.


If esthetics is not a priority you can run a new stainless wire from the bottom and tie to strips of bamboo that are above the main root ball. The traction on the wire puts pressure over a large area and allows the roots to grow underneath. I have done this with native junipers and it hold even the tall trees that could move in the wind. Send us a photo if you can.


I don’t have photos at the moment sorry. But they are all shohin so I think they’ll be ok. If they start moving I’ll do the bamboo stick thing above soil :slight_smile: thank you!