Galvanized steel 18 gauge for tie down

Hi ,

I was wondering if any of you use 18 gauge galvanized stew wire for tie downs of large heavy trees ?

I have seen Ryan use it sometimes but am not sure if there’s any health impact to the tree roots from zinc leaching into soil ?

Also are there nuances between conifers that have low water mobility and high water mobility Luke beech or maples with respect to since toxicity from the galvanized steel wires ?

From what Ryan has mention he doesnt have any concern for the steel corroading and harming the tree. And the reason he uses it over copper wire is that it won’t stretch over time. If you want to get a lot for cheap like I did was to buy electric fencing so for about 20 bucks I got a quarter mile of 17 guage that should last me almost a life time.


I had a small roll of ungalvanized steel wire and rusted to the point of breaking in a year. The 17-gauge electric fence wire lasts several years in the pot.

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