Bougainvillea Repot

I repotted my large bougainvillea, I noticed very little root growth after two years. Tree is healthy, although not growing as fast as I would think. Also, the tree is slightly loose in the pot still after repot and tie down. Can I start over again with a new repot or add additional exterior wire to tie it down firmer. Would another repot the day after cause too much stress?


I would probably do an external tie down given that previous root growth was weak. If the tree grew roots like wildfire and you had left quite a few then a second repot would probably not be an issue.

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Didn’t remove any roots, maybe just a few with a perimeter trim, very light.

If the repot was done in the last few days you might get away with doing one without causing any further detriment to the tree. I would personally do one of two things: leave it be or use an external method to further stabilize the tree in the pot. If you elect not to take any further action place on ground so that it doesn’t get blown over or knocked off a bench or out of it’s container.

I just repotted and it’s a lot firmer now. Watered it and placed in the shade off the next week or two. Hopefully it starts leafing again.

It will likely be fine, they are pretty tough. Just don’t leave it out if temps fall into the low 30s.

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I repotted again, much firmer now. The tree is already showing new leaves.

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