Can Bouganvillea Be Bare Rooted During Repotting?

Does anyone know if Bougies can be bare rooted during repotting?

I have a fairly large one that I moved from a grower’s pot to a bonsai pot a couple of years ago. I’d like to repot it this year to work on the root structure. When I last repotted it I had to remove a lot of roots, so I didn’t want to risk killing it by removing all the crossing roots, which I want to clean up now to improve the nebari. Many thanks.

I have bare rooted a couple of smaller bougies when repotting and I live in a northern climate where I repot them just as it starts to heat up in the summer and I am seeing few nights below 50F (10C). However, I am not sure I would do a large one in my climate. On the other hand, I believe they are sometimes collected with very few roots in much warmer climates.

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