Emergency larch repot!

I recently a acquired an American Larch and it has started pushing well. Spring is underway in the southeastern portion of PA where I reside. I came home to find the tree had fallen off the stand (lesson learned to tie down all pots!). Thankfully not a single broken branch, but the pot is destroyed. I managed to piece it back together with tape for now. The tree is pushing well, so I definitely missed the preferred early spring/late winter repotting. What are my options now? Repot this weekend, or wait till new growth has hardened off?

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If you’ve got the pot taped back together, I’d vote for reinforcing that and keep it that way until next year. Get some 1000mph tape (aluminum duct tape) or some thing similar that won’t break down in the weather. Revisit next year and repot during the appropriate window. Sure, it won’t be nice to look at but I think it’s worth not adding stress to the tree.


Thanks @chuckwheat, i was also debating that too. I will probably go that route for the reasons you mentioned.

I agree with Chuck, if the root mass stayed mainly in tact and you’ve taped the pot back together the best course of action is live with it that way until next spring.

Agreed. I did this exact thing with a Japanese maple this time last year. Blown off bench, pot split in half. Gorilla taped pot and reinforced tree using the reinforcement method in the library. Repotted this February and the tree never skipped a beat.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. I will definitely go that route. Have a good weekend!

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