Share your Aspen

This is a very young one !

Can’t believe no one posted! I have had Aspan from almost day one… collected 10, two are still around.
Two summers ago I purchased several 1 gal. Aspen. Put them into a forest last spring… May take awhile, but this was the idea 25 years ago.

Care MUST be used wiring. Because they grow fast, they scar real easily! And, the limbs tend to die easily. Oh, ya… winter mice love chewing on the bark…

Nobody else?
Here’s one … collected 20+ years ago. Love it.

Leaves are a little large this year. Too much fertilizer. Will get into a shallower pot next spring. Needs better soil. Keeps sprouting suckers.
Enjoy… Bonsai On!

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Two new collected Aspens. I grew up in the Colorado Rockies and these trees have been on my mind. I left one with my Mom in Colorado and brought one home to NJ. Will see how the NJ tree will deal with the lower altitude this year.

Does anyone have any knowledge on how aspen back bud? Observing them in nature it seems that the growth tips are all at the ends of branches so it makes me wonder if they can be pushed to bud back.

I have NEVER see my older collected Aspen backbudding. I DID get one bud along the vertical main shaft on one younger purchased tree in the forest above this spring, though…
Crazy healthy this year, too. They DO throw root buds every year… they dont last very long in the summer heat here…
I root trimmed the forest trees 2 springs ago. Threw the roots into a large pot with potting soil. This year I have 7 new 3 foot trees! I should put movement into them NOW. I like the movement in yours.
I have not posted my other collected tree…

This IS the adult asthetic …Over the 20 odd years I have had this potted, it has NEVER back budded. Just keeps shedding limbs and getting taller… about 45" now. The nubbin halfway up used to be the tree top. It IS getting the characteristic black knarley bark at the base.
I DO trimm the elongated terminal buds to encourage backbudding… They DO love the organic feritilizer.
The bugs I have noticed…
Leaf miners. Only one or two times. Little tracks all over the back. Pluck and discard.
Parasitic aphids, making ugly nobs at the base of a leaf. I cut them open and kill em. Systemic spray one spring stopped it permanently. Came in with the purchased forest trees. The nobs are permanent…

Here is an update on the same Aspen, almost one year later. I let grow a tall section on the left to keep compact growth on the right. I like how they can make short internodes. This tree has a long way to go, but I am having fun with it !