Sevin usuage...Japanese Beetles are out and about

Well, was wondering bout this product. I have Pines, Junipers, Colrado Blue spruces, Maples, Brt, Ficus, aquincr… pant, pant, pant,…Neas, azaleas, Bougainvillas, an Jaqline Hiller Elm, a couple of Dwarf Schefflaras, and a few more.
My question is will Sevin be safe on most of the trees I have. I am trying to control Ants and Japanese Beetles which are really attracted to my red Leaf Maples, one of my Azalea and found a couple on My Colorado Blue Spruce.
Any tips on usage, how tos, what not to do…ty in advance.

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I tried it on my fukien and jades, and got really bad leaf burn. My fukien dropped all its leaves overnight, and my jades dropped quite a bit of foliage, too.

I would suggest testing it on a tree of the same species, but that is only starting training, or only spray a few leaves to see how the tree reacts.

Also, be sure to dilute it you get the concentrate.

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Hey I would definitely recommend testing on some starter material or just a few leaves and wait a few days to a week. I used Sevin spray at regular strength and the majority of my trees developed severe leaf burn in less than 2 days. Only my JBPs, Olives, juniper trees were unphased. The remainder of my trees all dropped their leaves, and have had a rough time recuperating. The Texas heat and :sun_with_face: tends to fry all new growth that hasn’t hardened off even when protected. In total I lost 2 trees and the rest are just now finding themselves again. Long story short, use cautiously, test on disposable material or select leaves, and maybe even dilute to half strength.


I can’t comment on ants, but I use Scotts Grubex on my lawns in the spring and fall. Since I started doing this 3 yrs ago I have had no issue with Japanese Beetles. Prior to that they were destroying my roses, cherry tree and other deciduous plants.