Seedling identification?

Anyone want to take a shot at what these seedlings are. Under European beech, next to linden on an estate with every possible deciduous trees suitable to grow in Massachusetts.
Sugar maple?

Sycamore is my guess also one with in ,100 yards,?

Definitely some sort of acer. So I’d guess either the sycamore or sugar maple.

Thanks for taking a shot at it and I think your probably correct

Sugar maple confirmed!

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Congratulations! :grin:

Should be fun to play with! And they’ll have very nice autumn colour, if I remember right?!?

They do have a nice color,
I ended up transplanting them into the Forrest behind me that’s mostly under recovery.

My first collected tree was a sugar maple and I still have it… and one of that variety feels like a good enough challenge for me at this point