Need help with plant identification please

Nursery told me that it’s an Ein Shemer apple, but I have extreme doubts lol. He leaves don’t look like an apple to me. Reminds me of an amur maple.

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They do not look like apple leaves. That is something else. I tried google lenz but its hard from a photo of a photo.

I used Plant Snap and it may be a Tatarian Maple.

Looks like a crab apple. Maybe a Western or Prairie crab.


Hmmm, definitely looks like that. If so I’m gonna be stoked. It was $35. Not the dopest structure, but I was going to do a flame style or cut it back hard and develop new leaders for a clump style. It’s super root bound, but I didn’t want to bare root it rn. I’ll do that in the spring.

Leaves could be a malus or possible something like Crataegus viridis.