Trying to narrow down Cultivar

I was gifted this lil maple last year.

Only prob for me is that, i dont know the cultivar. I cut what ever was dead above graft?

Any ideas?


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Hello, i think it is the Standard Acer palmatum, no special cultivar.

Hope this helps, Max

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It really doesn’t look like a standard Palmatum to me. The leaves/internodes are way too naturally dense. And the leaf looks different. It honestly looks like it could be a Sharp’s Pygmy Japanese maple from how densely growing the leaves are.

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sisugashiri maybe? the purply red leaf tips remind me or my young sharps pygmy as well but tight nods makes me think sisugashiri.


I second the shishigashira idea, however isn’t there different varieties of shishigashira as well?

Im loving it u all! I will take some photos later from difgerent view. What it looks like now from the other pics. Definantly very compact growth. Doesnt grow like my Tridents and other maples I have. Thank u for all the feedback, please keep em coming with any tips. :sunglasses:

There are other green leaves varieties with compact growth. Looks like this one is a failed graft where the root stock took over. Shishigashira will have a more crinkly leaves compared to this one. Check the the Japanese maples book by J.D. Vertrees. The books normally available in libraries.