Shishigashira growing questions

Hy to all.
I got these small questions.
Time ago i buy a shishigashira bonsai, from someone who was stopping bonsai.
They told me these variety is very slow growing.
When i see the tree is pushing some new branches of 20 cm in 1 week.
Is that normal ?


Those leaves are looking so extreem fragile,…
Is all fine like this???
You see i am a beginner with a complex tree i think.

Few pictures included.
Thanks a lot for the advice .

That does not look like a Shishigashira to me, it’s an alternate variety or seedling of Palmatum.

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Time wil give the solution I think.
Someone has pictures of young leafs of the shishigashira acer.
Yo compare.
Thanks in advance.

Here is a picture of Shishigashira leaves.

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Thanks Bob.
I meant in ugly stage of growth.
I try to find out later how it develops
Thanks for the help.

Not just the leaves. The growth habit is totally different to that even from a young age.

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Time wil give the anser.
I keep you informed the next months.

  • one on not shishi. But does not look alarming to me.
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I agree it looks like a faster growing cultivar of Japanese Maple. To help keep the shape and develop ramification you want to prune back to the first pair of leaves as soon as possible. Ideally, you have to separate the first pair of leaves by tapping them and using tweezers to pull out the growing tip.

For the dwarf varieties like shishigashira that have very short internodes (often less than 1/8" = 3 mm) the center leaf step is often pruned after 2 sets of leaves develop and then one of each pair of leaves is removed. This prevents the tree from becoming overly congested.

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Thinks for the tip.
I removed indeed everything after the firs pare of leaves.
Got a good feeling agout it.
I see some possibility’s in very small buts who i think i see.
Under the first leaves.
Everything is under construction now.
Thanks to all who reacted on my question.

Kind regards