Scots pine positioning

Hey, I picked up this scots pine recently and im trying to decide if there is a better angle for the tree.

Also, if I was to repot to a new angle, would you recommend a new style pot?

Finally, the tree is extremely vigrerous, If I repot, is it still ok to remove some of the older needles / cut back to interior established growth?

Current position

More upright position and slight twist to show the depth of the twists. Concern here is the bottom branch is quite leggy and aged, so not sure I would be able to pull this back in. Might also bury the nebari slightly in current pot.

More of a cascade style, shows of the nebari more, difficult to find a pot for this.

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Scots pine will back bud very well when vigorous. You can cut back to interior growth when what you leave has at least 50% of the density of what you cut off. If you have strong interior growth you can reduce the exterior stuff a bit to redirect energy to the interior, but don’t cut back until fall unless it meets the 50% rule now.

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I find the 2nd position best

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or like this