Pine first styling

I have this pine that i want style but don’t have any clue from where to start!
As u can see there is no back budding all the nidles are on the tips
The tree need to be repotted as well
The nebari is very strong with thik trunk
Can someone identify the species the old owner told that is mugo pine but im not sure

If it is a 2 needle pine it could either be mugo (P. mugo) or a dwarf scots (P. sylvestris) pine. The later are normally grafted.

The first order of business is to build the strength of the tree to get some back budding. Repotting should help with that. It is plenty open so you are getting enough light to the interior to encourage back buds.

I would go with a spreading style which is sometimes seen in older scots pine in exposed locations. That would allow you to use much of the branching with only the need to reduce to 2 junctions and to get ti to back bud at about 1/2 the current branch length.

It will be a long term project, but I think it can be a very nice tree.

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