Don’t even know where to begin with this mugo

I inherited this mugo pine and need some help on how to develop and style it in the future.

It doesn’t look massively healthy right now. I did repot it two months ago, and it has had a new flush of needles since, although not very vigorous at all.

As for the style, I don’t even know what you would call this style so don’t even know where to begin.

The needles are all at the end of very long branches so can’t do anything drastic.

How would you approach this tree if it were yours?


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Knowing that a pine is “built”, I would let it grow for a year to regain strength
Then in the following spring, if healthy enough and when the buds are pushing, fertilize heavy.
You want the tree to store up all lot of energy and then some.
The first thing major move I would do is structural wiring in the Fall and then let it grow.

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Yeah I agree to letting it build strength, just not sure what design direction to go for.

Looks like mr tickle right now rather than a tree