Scots pine structural design ideas


i have this little scots pine yamadori i dug last year. I see a lot of small candles growing this spring and thinking about doing the first structural design steps this fall. It is my first scots pine and my first yamadori but still i want to do as less mistakes as possible. So these are the 4 different sides of the current potting:


right side:


left side:

I have to admit that at my current level i find it really hard to see the future styling or potential for this tree. So i would be happy about all your ideas about design, front and future potting angle. My current idea looks something like this:

Another thing i am not sure about is the future height of the tree. Should i use all the height or should i cut it at the green or red line or at another height? I am really thankful for every idea just to get input and learn the thinking process of good design.

P.S. for a better visualization of the tree i tried to make a gif of it. I hope it works.


not sure I agree with your front side. You loose all the movement / interest from the trunk fork. Plus, the trunk line is rather straight up. As I can’t see the base, no clue if there is something that prevents alternative fronts.
Regarding styling / working on the tree. It should have at least a full growing season to reestablish and the vigour of the new development should give you a good indication if it is already ready to be worked on.

as always, imo…

I agree with making sure it is growing strongly. Strong Scots pine in a container of that size should push out multiple candles with the center one being fairly large. BTW I like your GIF to supplement the fixed shots.

@antelion i know what you mean with the front. Unfortunately from the side with nice fork feature the base isn’t that great but i will keep looking at it and think about it. In matter of growth i will definitely wait this spring/summer and see how the tree looks in fall. Perhaps i will wait till next year with styling. You guys have any idea with the height of the tree?

@MartyWeiser thx. i think the gif helps a lot with visualizing the tree in 3D and it isn’t that big of a work.