Root cuts on any yamadory

When you dig out a tap root and cut it close to the trunk anywhere from 1 in 2 in 3in dia,do you put cut paste on the cut or leave it open.

You can’t dig and prune trees with a fat taproot in the summer. At least, I have never heard of it. Sorry, dude. :skull_and_crossbones:

Right now identify trees you want to collect in the following spring. In the fall, you can return to the tree and start to dig a perimeter to sever lateral roots and get them healthy for the next year.

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Removing tap roots can be an art itself. If you are working with a deciduous Quercus, it can’t just be cut off in one go.

I don’t use any cut paste below the soil surface, we want to encourage new root production and not callus. the function of cut paste is to keep the wound hydrated and promotion of callus, both not required at the roots.

I put a rooting gel like clonex or root powder

All that green growth is gone it’s still green inside