Newly aquired trees ethere out of the ground or in pots

I have a new tree its in the mesquit family, its actually was growing under ground ,it had 5 tap roots very shallow no fine or hair roots i made clean cuts the big roots are 1 1/2 .i put black prune seal on those cuts then i brushed root powder abpve each cut then the put in well drained soil is this a good technic. Usually when i dig a tree the fine roots are far away from the trunk how do yall deal with roots far away from the trunk.

Hi @Tcristol68,
I guess the tree will tell you if the technique is good. I have no experience with this family, but the material look to be full of potential!
You can dig a trench and cut the big roots, then leave the tree in the ground for another year to let it recover before collection if you are worried in the future.