Another Black Spruce

Was finally able to get out to collect a tree yesterday. Another Black Spruce. This one looks to be pretty old judging from all the lichen growth and dead, downturned branches. I took some pictures of the collection process and once again you can see how most trees in my area come out with compact roots. I just use a sturdy garden trowel to dig and secateurs to snip the roots away. It didn’t have a tap root to speak of. The root ball just lifted out all together.

I cleaned up the root ball at home being careful not to disturb it too much. I built a 13"x13" grow box to plant it in. It’s anchored at 4 points and doesn’t wobble. The substrate is fir bark (it’s the only thing I can get shipped at a reasonable price in my remote location. Pumice is way too expensive.)The box will remain on the ground for the entirety of the tree’s recovery.