How long do you leave cut paste on for?

Hey friends,

Made some pruning choices to a juniper, jacaranda, and laurel indian fig. I used cut pasted to help it heal over but now I’m wondering how long it needs to stay on?


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Is it the puddy stuff in the tubs or the more liquid type stuff in the tube? The puddy stuff in general you can leave it on until it dries out and starts falling off. If it’s all dried out and cracked etc then take it off because it’s not really functioning anymore when it’s dry. I guess I just leave cut paste on for quite a while usually, until the wound is healed. Or sometimes take it off when it’s old and recut the edges of the callus and re apply it to continue healing. Basically leave it on til it does it’s job I suppose?


that’s my understanding - it will fall off when it’s healed (eg a smaller cut) or you’ll remove it each season to freshen the edges of a large cut to promote continued callous formation

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