Deciduous Wound Healing follow up

I watched the Dec 2019 ‘Live’ session on wound healing several times. I followed your instructions (I think) using Oatey Fixit on these two Japanese Maples last Feb. I didn’t use the dye to darken the color though.
My question is; it appears that the bark has begun to roll up as it has expanded out of the cut paste. Now, should I again take a blade to the edge again this winter or leave things alone? I am anticipating that these will take a long time to heal over.
Thank you


According to Ryan and your report that the wound is rolling over well, you should leave it alone and wait. When the would healing stalls for a season or two; that is when you may rewound and re-paste or putty it. Keep in mind that allowing the tree to run out will facilitate wound closure, refinement techniques will hamper this process.

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Ryan also talks about covering wire scars that have been shaved down with Parafilm. I think that this is to provide some compression to the callus tissue and keep the site from desiccating as quickly. The drying would not be an issue with the epoxy but I do wonder if keeping the callus in a moister environment might further accelerate the callus moving across the epoxy.

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