Cuts, wounds, calluses

I would love to see a video in the library watching Ryan go for 2 hrs just talking about cuts, wounds, calluses, cut paste, epoxy, concave vs flush, die back, etc. I don’t know if there’s a good video where he talks about this already in one place. I see it scattered in other videos.

I think this would be a horticultural epic.

Any thoughts?



I think you’re right. Perhaps it’s because he mentions it every time he prunes that he doesn’t think he needs to do a whole video on it. Have you suggested it? There is a thread asking for live stream ideas.

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have you watched Deciduous wound healing? Deciduous Wound Healing | Bonsai Mirai Live From December 2019. Shows technique with sharp chisels, carving tool, and sharp box cutter or razor. Big proponent of Callus Mate. :thinking: Post a photo of the tree you are working on if you have time. Love to learn from other’s experiences. OH YEAH DO NOT LICK YOUR FINGERS WHEN APPLYING CHEMICALS… even Ryan has learned from others!!

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