Rocky Mountain Juniper Yamadori

I just collected this RMJ last weekend and I’m super excited about it. It’s by far my biggest collection yet and it’s got a beautiful rootball so I’m pretty confident it should recover well from collection. Right now I have it in a make-shift greenhouse to protect it from the elements while it recovers.

I am planning on leaving it alone for at least a year before I do any work beyond cleaning the live vein and treating the deadwood. But in the meantime I’m putting a lot of thought into potential designs. I haven’t decided on a front, but I labeled the box with “F”, “R”, “B” & “L”. To make it easy to refer to specific sides.

So, does anyone have design suggestions?

Here’s an album with more photos:


Pretty awesome? Personally I would just let it recover.
I believe the appropriate time for live vein work is in the early fall.

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That’s a nice find. If i where to choose a side it would be B. I just like how B looks

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