Repoting Ficus Question

Hello, I have a question regarding my ficus.

I watched the video on repotting and remember Ryan saying that, if the tree is not secured properly, it will not develop roots as it should, particularly the uppermost part of the soil.

I wasn’t intending on repotting this year, but seeing as my last effort wasn’t that good (the tree is a bit loose when I move it at the trunk) should I go ahead and secure it with the steel wire as shown in the tutorial?

Would this count as repotting if I’m only doing it for this reason?

Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:


If you do not remove roots and basically slip out of the container and back in with more secure tie down it is not really a repot. Using bamboo sticks tied securely in the bottom of the pot, and bamboo spikes either driven into the roots or lying over the roots to secure the root ball so they do not move has worked well for me. Steel wire to secure is best. The technique to get them tight without weakening the wire or breaking is an acquired skill. Watch the tutorial, prepare all the wire and have bamboo available before you remove the ficus from the container.
Good luck and post a photo when you can! :smiley:


Thanks for your reply. That’s very helpful.

I’ll be sure to update once it’s completed.

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