Indoor ficus repot

Hey. I’ve been given too much trust and asked to help with repoting indoor bonsai - ginseng ficus I believe it is. Since I’m dealing only with outdoor trees would anyone with indoor bonsai advice me what soil mix you use and whether you too wait till early spring to perform repoting? I’m pretty confident at least with action itself tho.
Thank you in advance.

I keep a couple of ficus indoors. I use the same APL mix that I use in my outdoor trees, but I have these trees in slightly larger pots than I would outdoors. They also have drip/humidity trays beneath them. At one time I added some bark or other organic but found that it harbored bugs in the house and have since gone back to the inorganic standard. I repot mine in the late spring early summer (warm nighttime temps) and let them recover outside for a week or two before bringing them back inside. These are smaller trees that just live in the kitchen windows FYI. Not sure if that helps much but that is my indoor experience.


I usually repot my ficus plants in the late spring/early summer when the nights get to 60F or more. But I do occasionally repot them in the winter (last year I did a Ficus Religiosa, a Ginseng Ficus, and a couple of Ficus Ben. “Too Little”. They need above 60F temps (warmer is better) and lots of light. For winter repots I find that waiting until after the winter solstice so that they daylight is increasing each day is better than before the solstice. I hope that helps.