Removing white build up on pots

Does anyone know how to remove the white mineral build up on pots without removing patina?

Hey @Yugen, the best way IMO is to use a cloth dipped in vinegar and just scrub away.
The acidity of the vinegar dissolves the minerals, lime buildups.

hey thanks for the idea about vinegar. Have you tested this on pots that patina to ensure that the vinegar doesn’t strip the patina?

On a recent Q%A (can’t remember which) but Ryan recommended regular application of olive oil to get rid of that over time. It just takes some time but it preserves the patina.

oh really? I dont remember that one, maybe I missed a Q and A

I want to say it was the most recent Forum Q&A, but maybe Live Q&A. Not sure.

I didn’t have any issues with vinegar thus far, it strips the lime off.
Though after a round of vinegar olive oil will def help the look and since it will dry slower and get absorbed in the outer layers of pots with no enamel on it, it will look better for longer.
If the pot is coated then olive oil won’t do much, you need something acidic to neutralize the alkaline lime deposit.

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thanks for the chemistry notes. I have no clue, chemically speaking, what patina is, so I never really knew what would remove it. Im happy to hear that vinegar doesn’t. I’ll give it a whirl