Cleaning hard water off the bonsai pot

I just bought 15 used unglazed pot for my oak trees off the internet. They all have harden water stains on the pots. ( a whiteish around the rim and sides of the pots.)

What is the best way to remove the hard water stains

thank you BD

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I like to soak in white vinegar and then scrub with a hard toothbrush or similar stiff bristle, non-metallic brush. My not be the best and often takes a couple of passes, but it generally works.


I also have tried a dilute muriatic acid wash with a bristle brush like Marty uses. Just make sure you dilute the acid i usually do 1/4 cup acid 4 cups water.

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I use multiple applications of olive oil. Works great. Takes a little time but safest for pots.


I usually use lime away with a non-steel scratch pad


Any of the above… put on safety glasses…(maybe not the olive oil…)
Especially the muratic acid. It WILL put out an eye. Maybe gloves too. Be aware of where you use it, TOO. It will destroy a countertop…, plastic and wood.
I carefully chip off the worst of the scale first. Hard plastic knife edges of some kind. Metal will scratch the unglazed surface…

I used very fine grit sand or emery paper. Sand it off and then lightly oil and wipe off vigorously. Who wants shiny unglazed pots :face_with_raised_eyebrow:?