Rafia stream question


I just recently watched the rafia stream and the latest Sierra Juniper stream which was 2 parts.

In the rafia stream, Ryan took out a strip of living tissue, the exact same technique he used on the lowest branch in the lastest Sierra Juniper stream. However, in the rafia stream he mentioned to always use a spine in this instance and if someone wraps a wire around it, you know they are doing it wrong. But, wrapping the wire around the bottom branch of the Sierra Juniper versus, the spine technique is exactly what he did , going against what he said in the rafia stream with the Utah Juniper.

Naturally, I am confused. Could Mirai or anyone else shed light on this? Did anyone notice this like I did?

Also, is it safe to say that with pines, it’s better to not use raffia in most cases and use the saw cutting/wedge technique for bending large branches and raffia is better suited to junipers?

Thanks and have a great Friday : )