Miyajima White Pine from Forum Q&A

In case anyone is interested to see how I styled the tree from forum Q&A. (#115 minute 48)


The defining branch, for me, is lacking any movement (pic 2) too perpendicular to the pot.
Other than that, looking real good, nice and healthy!! :+1:t2:


Pictures 2&3 were pre styling. Here is the latest version. That long defining branch is actually Jin now.

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Is that black electrical tape on that branch? Don’t let Ryan see that :crazy_face:
Trees do breathe through their bark.
Not going to be good when you take it off, it will most likely ruined that beautiful bark.
Do you not have access to any raffia?

It’s actually on top of rafia and It’s the first time I’ve used it. My local bonsai professional showed me it. I’ve also seen it used in demonstrations. I’ll let you you how it turns out when I remove the wires.

The raffia alone when applied correctly will give you all the compression you will need.
By adding the black tape, the ability for the tree to breathe through the bark is hindered.
I have heard Ryan explain this in one the videos.