Miyajima White Pine Stream - Questions

Please post your questions during live viewing of the Miyajima White Pine stream here, as the stream chat module is not currently working.

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How would you would handle a Zuisho white pine differently than the Mijaima?

could Ryan use the wedge cut technique on this straight branch? would now be a good time? if not when?

I like that new kid on the 3rd camera. She rocks!!


how is the graft made? does it work like black pine graft?

How available is this material in the US? Where do you find it?

I can’t even see the stream. Something about “restricted mode” being on… Any ideas? I’ve never had that problem before.

I have a couple of miyajima(im in spain, sry for english XD), now they are yellowing last year needles, is it ok to wait for this tree to yellow the old neddles, or is it better to pluck them before in spring

Can you send us a screen shot? to info@bonsaimirai.com - also go to http://browser.bonsaimirai.com/ - and copy that url in your email to us?

Do we do particle size of soil for the roots of the black pine or the foliage of the white pine and are we watering like it’s a black pine or white pine

when you prune, do you leave a nub or cut flush?

seems like the branches are bouncing back. why not use guy wires?

Thanks Kendall. email sent

and why not rafia?..?

So… I carefully cleaned the SHEEN (IT needed cleaning), and it immediately died. Any feecback?

The body language of trees: a handbook for failure analysis by Claus Mattheck. Fairly expensive book…

Kurt, can you elaborate? Was this a Miyajima White Pine?

I think I own a Miyajima. How can I tell for sure?

Since you said it is too late to trim and produce buds for next year, at what indiction would be an optimal time to prune back?

can you prune at the standard time we prune white pine ( as the sheaths fall) or do we not use this technique with Miyajima?

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