Cultivar of JWP

I have had this JWP for a few years and I’m wondering what the cultivar is? Does anybody know?
Thanks for your help.

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Hi @TerryBryan,
Not the easiest thing to do- guessing the cultivar from a picture. Tree looks great though. Is it grafted on JBP trunk?

Thanks Andy,
I have had a hard time trying to figure out what type it is. It is grafted on a JPB trunk and when I got it back in 2016, it seemed healthy, but not real lush. This is the first year, after applying Mirai techniques that it really budded a lot and I’m hoping to get some good back budding next year. I have also been working on the design with Peter Tea that visits our club every September.


Looks like a miyajima to me

Looks similar to the Pinus Parviflora “Catherine Elizabeth” that I have that came from Iseli Nurseries in Oregon. I’ve had mine for 3 yrs now and the needles are down to about 3/4 in in length. The new buds look exactly like yours. Possibly a Zuisho cultivar.

Thanks Bob,
The Zuisho looks the closest so far, thanks for letting me know. I also have a Miyajima, so I know it’s not that. The Catherine Elizabeth buds do look really close to mine. I’m leaning to the Zuisho since I believe it’s an import but not sure exactly how long ago. Thank you so much for your information.