Miyajima White Pine Stream - Questions

idowatsu is Kim
I remember that is the timing is when the sheeths shed

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IMyaj, 30 years in training. Clay…under center of tree.ima…

Kurt, have you seen this stream where Ryan works on the shin of a shore pine? https://live.bonsaimirai.com/archive/video/repotting-fundamentals - might be helpful! but I can also save your question for the Q&A tomorrow

Are you styling with rounded pads or aiming for more of a triangle shape

Yes. That was the impetus to do the cleaning. 30 very healthy yesrs…

Cool I will also bring that up in the Q&A

How long would you need to leave the wire on to get it to hold?

Is it possible to see a close up of the graft union please?

Mel B

I really enjoyed being at Mirai yesterday. thanks. I particularly loved a students small white pine on the end of the pine row.

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Thats awesome! Glad you got to come up again :slight_smile:

What about where the biforcation biforcates immediately after leaving 4 branches in the same space?

Wow, thanks Ryan and Kendall!

is just me with a wonky sound?

hey Rafi–how so? Distorted, or just sounding weird in some other way?

like low resolution…sounding weird.

we will let lime know!

How long did the graft take to establish? How much dieback occured?

The tree has a thick base in the bottom, How would this be potted?

Are you going to lay some of the branch you are now wiring to obscure the long line of the lowest branch?

can you discuss the nuances that differentiate semi-cascade from cascade designs?