Miyajima White Pine Stream - Questions

Would the first repot be more like a slip pot to check out the root condition? And just slip potting would take longer but wouldn’t it make healthier roots?

ryan hasn’t historically been a huge fan of slip potting. I will ask though!

when are the best times to wire and style Miyajima?

Garry KC, there’s a yoga discussion talking over Ryan ??? It’s in Portland

You have reworked Ezo spruce
3 times on this stream

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With all the foliage in the center, how will you introduce negative space to give some asymetry interest?

In the elongating species stream

How many trees do you have at mirai and do you have enough pots to acomedate all your repots

Party-pooping…I’m good at that!

Great question Thomas, I’m gonna save this one for the Q&A tomorrow! Also, we have roughly 800+ trees in the garden and yes we definitely have enough pots. Always a surplus of pots at Mirai

I just bought a nice Georgi pot there yesterday, I must like that artist, its the second one I have bought there

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Make sure Eve catches the bug too!


yes giorgi pots are classic

You need to keep working on the Yew when you get the chain saw fixed

great quality stream tonight


maybe slightly off topic but is pitch pine single or multiple flush?

Pitch Pine is multiflush @rafi

Great, Thank you @Kendall

I have some jins That are older than I went to restyle and it still had active sap flow. Is there any way to to stop that flow?

was referencing this video in my head - https://live.bonsaimirai.com/archive/video/multi-flush-pines