Update on Trunk Bending stream Scots pine

Hey all!

We had a few asks for updates on the massive Scots pine from our Trunk Bending Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 streams. Ask and Mirai shall deliver!

Ryan says that the tree is using water, and seems to be doing great after the crazy bending that we did in the streams. It’s currently in the greenhouse for the winter. Enjoy!


Sam…Thx for sharing! It is always good to go back and look at Live Stream subject trees to watch their recovery, and this actually works to add credibility to the specific technique used.


Does the hardware on this get checked every so often? Tightened? Are there certain safety precautions that are taken when working / watering the tree?

Maybe it won’t be a full Super Tuesday© stream, but I would love to see when the hardware is removed.

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This would be a great question for a Live or Forum Q+A! I don’t know the answer offhand, but it would be cool for the group to hear about it. As far as I know, it’s not tightened, it’s just left as it was done during the stream so the tree can continue acclimating.

Great idea for a piece of feature content though, removing the hardware–I’ll put that on our list for this year :slight_smile:


Hey Sam!

I’ve been watching a lot of Ryan’s Live streams - particularly those that focus on pine trees. The Trunk Bending project is real good and very helpful to me and I’d like to thank you, Ryan and the team at Mirai for putting this together. I have a question - I’m not sure if it’s been covered somewhere else already, apologies if it has.

Roughly speaking, how long would it take for the Scots pine to set in this new position and allow Ryan to remove the wires and rebar holding the tree in this position?

I have a Scots pine that I want to bend the trunk on but it will need repotting this year or next. Trunk diameter is about 2” so nothing like Ryan’s project tree but I want to get my timing right. If I bend the trunk now, can I still repot this coming spring? Or should I delay the repotting until 2021? I know it’s not possible to be exact in bonsai because it’s not an exact science is it, but how long would it take for my 2” trunk to set in its new position ?

Finally, can we have another update on this tree to see how it’s getting on?

Thanks Sam


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Hello Andy,

welcome to Mirai. Such direct questions to Ryan are better suited in a forum q+a session. Post it there and Ryan will have answers and his perspective in the video in the live section.
And, good proceedings with your bending plan.


Ok, will do.

Thank you

Thanks for the assist @antelion :slight_smile:

Hey @AndyJ! Gregor is right–Ryan takes questions like these in Forum & Live Q+A each week, especially for questions on your own specific trees. I know we had some questions regarding how long we’d have to leave the rebar on in the Q+As right around this stream, so if you check the dates and the Q+A archives (if you’re a Pro member) you might be able to find the answer to this question! I also remember Ryan mentioning at a certain point that once the bend is fully held, the wire kind of loosens, or isn’t obviously providing support to the bend.

I will see if I can get some updated photos of this tree in the next few days! Things are in flux a bit/moving around with the weather and the new greenhouse, and Ryan’s teaching class, so I’ll do my best to track it down. Thanks for your great questions!!

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Thanks Sam.

I live over in the U.K. and it’s difficult for me to get on the live Q&A sessions because of the time difference so I thought maybes bet would be to ask through here. Does Ryan ever go through the posts on here?

Great- thanks for saying you will try and dig out some photos of this tree now, will be good to see how it has progressed.

Hello Andy,

no need for live q+a. There are separate forum q+a which is going through questions filed the prior week in the forum post. just post there and then the answer/reply will be in the forum q+a vijeo. I believe this weeks spots might be taken already, or just one or two left.

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Thanks @antelion! @AndyJ, that is correct–we have Forum Q+A for folks that can’t make it to Live Q+A. We take 20 questions per week on there. Q+As are available to Pro members. Let me know if you have questions about it!

Ryan does go through posts on here, but his schedule is super demanding, so he doesn’t have a lot of time to interact much. That’s why we take all questions through our Q+As.

I will check with him and see where the tree is at in the garden and if we can get any photos. Thanks for your patience!

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Hey folks.

I’ve tried clicking on the link above but I get this message: “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

Any ideas?

The Q&As are only available to pro members.