Prostrata Juniper (Browning)


What’s the three things I should do to fix this?

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Number 1 is to maintain a good balance of water and oxygen in the soil. Number 2 is provide good sunlight and air circulation. Without having a full diagnosis of the issue, I have had luck treating foliage that looks similar with ZeroTol 2.0 which is an organic peroxide that is listed as killing lots of stuff on the foliage surface with fairly low residual toxicity.

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I just picked up cleary 3336… will that be ok or Neem oil?

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Cleary 3336 is a fungicide while Neem Oil is an insecticide. Depends upon the exact issue.

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Neem oil will also help with some fungice’s


Just an observation… over chlorinating a pool on a hot windless day (weeks ago)… will kill grass around the water…
If your not in so-cal… I would say it looks like summer heat dieback. Fall is here, clean and trim and wire.

Im in so-cal, no progression on browning

Its not the pool… I just moved it when I seen discoloration

Im going to repot! Im freaking out! I see more browning (Oct 17,) its a root issue i dont want to wait until spring for repot.

Im not going to do much to the roots … or as little as possible… any objections?

Here is a photo journal

Remove from Anderson’s Flat

Removing and looking at Roots

Potting (drainage layer & 1/4-1/16 1:1:1) added a bit more Akadama maybe a 2:1:1.

Used Ryan’s topdressing and soaking (2x) placed in light shade

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