Phomopsis on my juniper?

This guy was repotted 2 months ago. A month ago I noticed the foliage color started getting a little dull. A couple of days ago I noticed the tips of these branches yellowing and some brown bits nearby. Seems consistent with Phomopsis to me. Agreed? I’m still relatively new at this so I’d appreciate a peer review of my diagnosis.

Next, I need to settle on my corrective action plan. I have some lime sulfur on hand currently that I’ve hear might work. I’ve also read that some copper fungicides would be good. If anyone has any brand recommendations or lessons learned to share I’d love to hear them. Thanks!

Update: I noticed a juniper on form Q&A 174 that looked very similar and Ryan was leaning towards spider mites. And today i noticed fine webbing on the branches. I’ll pick up some miticide at Lowe’s tomorrow. Will let ya’ll know how it goes.

Well I’ve treated the mites with a few sprays. Mites are gone but she’s looking very sick. Nothing to do but cross my fingers and try to be super disciplined with my water now I suppose.

I think it’s dead :frowning:

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What was the miticide used?

I used two different types of miticides as I read they can quickly develop a resistance to it if you only use one. First one was bioadvanced insecticidal soap. Applied once a week for 2 weeks. Second one was avid 0.15ec with abamectin. Applied once a week for two weeks.