Fungal or pest or sun? Teach me

Anyone want to take a guess? Repotted nursery last fall almost nothing taken off for foilage. it was green all winter, no burn.

We had a few early record high 80 low 90 degree days in Massachusetts this early spring (March /April). I will admit right about this time I noticed I was probably over watering it without carefully checking if it was best to water or wait until next time I would have the chance.

I am still new but I also know it is the season for spider mites, scale and other insects. Typically I feel like I have a decent orientation of what direction to go but this one has me second guessing everything.

I have moved it under a shade cloth for about a 2 weeks with a few hours Earl morning sun and stopped watering to let it dry out but we have been hit with some continuous rain.

What should I do and more importantly what could I have done so I learn for next time?

Is the brown foliage crispy? Looks like the roots just couldn’t keep it hydrated.

Was it pushing growth when you hit the early season high temps? And was it in intense sun? I lost a Pygmy cypress after a repot and it just couldn’t stay hydrated when we hit a couple days of low humidity and wind :persevere:

Its not dry and brittle and is currently pushing new growth right now, it is just brown/yellow. It was not growing yet when we got the heat, it was intense enough I got a slight sunburn

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I’d say there’s a chance then for your juniper :grin:. But I’m. It sure if there’s anything else going on. Hopefully someone else chimes in

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