Wierd die back on my juniper

So for past month something wierd started to happen to my juniper chinensis. When i got it it had Brown needles but they always been 3rd year growth. But Now im expriencing tips dying on me. I know im entering Winter and most of the Bugs and other buggers should be long gone. Im experiencing temperatures below 0 celcsius Or below 28? Fahrenheit, not sure the freezing temps in imperialistic measures. When it started it was still warm, Maybe i did something wrong? The tree was repoted this spring so its to early for shin problems? Maybe not? This summer i fought off spidermite infestation but after three applications of some chemic solution it stopped. Please any advice is appreaciated and helpfull.

How much foliage was on the tree when you repotted?
When was it styled?
Junipers strength is in its foliage. If you repotted and styled the tree, and I don’t see a lot of foliage left on the tree it is most likely that it did not have the resources to build any roots after the repot.
I would say that the tree will not make it through the winter :slightly_frowning_face::-1:t2:

I reported it at the beggining of the spring.

That was after repot, I styled it at the end of summer after i saw some new growth appearing. Didnt touch the newest shoots So i though i was safe

Hi @okjolook. It looks like a needle juniper. Working on it in the summer would have been correct but it appears you took off too much foliage in one go. Have you left plenty of roots when you repotted? It would increase chances of survival if you have.
First thing I would do is very carefully remove all the wire. This may help sap flow (I know it’s slowing down at this time of year). Next, protect it from any freezing temperatures during the night but give it plenty of light and sun when possible during the day, as long as the temperatures are above freezing. Protect from all winds and rain. This way you can maintain full control of the water / oxygen balance in the pot. Do you have access to a greenhouse or polytunnel? Maybe you could convert your balcony into one if you don’t. (Just for the winter)
Junipers do get their energy from the foliage, but what I’ve also found is needle junipers tend to be stronger than scale junipers. While you have green foliage there is always hope.
Do not try to do anything else with it other than keeping it alive for the winter. I personally reckon if you can protect it from the elements you have quite a good chance. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Let me know how it goes.


I experienced something similar on my Foemina juniper this year. I lost a few branches but the tree rebounded and has a lot of new growth. Keep the faith it might bounce back.

The tree is going into a unheated polytunnel in a day Or two. My friend allowed me to use it through Winter So ill have protection from the wind and other stuff, cold is something which it just might have to deal with. My grandfather advised me to use candles in the polytunel when its gonna be really freezing. Sounds dangerous but if its gonna work im not going to complain.

I think that the advice others have given is probably the answer but one of my small junipers on a rock got tip blight. The tips are losing colour and may go brown. I have buried the whole rock and tree in a pot of acadama to maintain a gentle balance of water and oxygen, after having sprayed it with a fungicide. All my other junipers are looking good but I also sprayed them just in case. I live in Ireland so the winters are not as severe as in the States. All the best I hope that the tree will show signs of recovery soon.

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Hi @okjolook, glad you’ve got the use of a polytunnel. It certainly makes things easier for you. Do you know how low the temperatures drop in the polytunnel? If it stays a degree or two above freezing inside it, you will be ok. You could also try placing horticultural fleece over it on really cold days. I don’t think using candles is a good idea. You may burn the plastic (worse case scenario) or warm the tunnel up too much so the tree will start to grow too fast and the roots won’t have caught up with it. Does you friend use the tunnel during the winter to keep plants in? If yes, it would give you an indication how warm it stays.

Hi…Is that J. commuinis ?

what the substrate?

they do not like Akadama I understand…

Never tried them in Akadama for that reason but have no first hand experence of them dieing in akadama

I just do not take the risk.

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It was said its a chinensis. Ive Used 1:2:2 mix. So Theres not much of akadama in there. The polytunnel is mostly used durning spring and summer to grow tomatoes, cucumbers etc So i dont think he knows What temperature is gonna be there. Ill be sure to keep a keen eye on the temp in a month when the true freeze starts.

It is a variety of juniper chinensis, could be Blue Alps. From the photo’s it doesn’t look like j. Communis which has needles that are looser. Given the mix it’s in you may have let it dry out a little during the summer. I’m confident it will be fine. Why not update us all every month with a photo?

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Sure, I mean when my Work schedule wont get in way ill do my best to share with u guys.

Hi guys, im so sorry for not updating earlier but my work schedule up untill lockdown was crazy and i had to stop my subscription, plus my finanse had a bad moment.The juniper got through the winter, couple tips died some more but now i can see some good signs, because it started backbudding. Not everywhere but still im happy to see the party didnt died off entirely. Im attaching some pictures because without showing you it dosent count. Good thing that lately winters in poland arent that cold. :grin:

Hi @okjolook. I’ve only just notice your post. I’m really pleased it made it through the winter. Nice tips of foliage breaking through. If I were you I would carefully unwire it, feed it heavily and let it grow wild for this year to replace its vigour. Really chuffed, while there is green there is always hope…