Preserving deadwood on Hawthorn

How would you go about preserving the deadwood on this? I’m assuming clearing of the moss and gently removing any seriously rotted wood and then maybe using a torch and or oil?

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Depends what you are trying to achieve aesthetically, i, would have thought just letting it rot would be a reasonable route with this material.


I think that’s my short term plan to help reduce the mass of the deadwood, but I want to plan long term. How am I going to handle preserving it when I need to slow the decay process?

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I would clean out the soft rot then go to a hardware store and ask for wood hardener, if I wanted to maintain the dead wood. However, I don’t think I would want to maintain it- I would just let it go.

Yep! I decided to let it continue to rot, especially because what remains is so bulky.

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