Clean up Shari? 🧽

Hey, do you have any tips for me to clean the moss off the Shari? Toothbrush and water? Anything added to the water?
I think the deadwood looks a “bad” kind of old. Can I sandpaper it and lime sulfur again?
Any other tips?




Hi @philiphartmann
I think toothbrush and water is the way to go. You could try stiffer brushes like brass or steel. A blunt screwdriver is also useful from digging out soft bits. I wouldn’t add anything to the water as it will run into the soil.

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Awesome that worked/ looks great now .


You can use water with a bit of Vinegar (Essig) and a toothbrush.
Sometimes I use a Dremel with a soft messing brush.

After cleaning apply jin mittel and wood hardener.

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Yes. I ordered jin Fluid and lime sulfur. :slight_smile:

i would say jin fluid and lime sulfar is the same.
I do use jin fluid to bleach dead wood and wood hardener to prevent the wood from rotting.

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Ah right, that’s what I meant. Lime sulfur and wood hardener. :slight_smile:

So after 4 h of letting dry the lime sulfur the deadwood is still quite yellowish at bits. Will this dry out or should I do
Something to those parts?