Olive Deadwood-Lime Sulfur?

Just want to get Mirai forum users thoughts on whether you all use lime sulfur on olive tree deadwood? Curious to get your thoughts.

For me it is unnatural. I would use woodhardener if at all.

Drop a photo.
I would…I use lime sulfer to PRESERVE the wood. I do not like the stark white look. Dont take it that far. Natural grey / off white. Deadwood should be a subtle part of the design, not a ‘in your face’ centerpiece.
Wood hardener leaves a plastic SHEEN on the deadwood. I do NOT like the look. Maybe a summer or two will mellow it. I use it only on lost csuses…

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The dead wood on this Olive has never been touched yet. It’s a really hard wood. But I do think it will need preserving at some point.


Ya… now, that’s awsome.
I have never acquired a olive. Not for the lack of trying. Not many wild ones here… US Pacific NW…:rofl:
About where are you Nick…

Hi. I am in Spain, Malaga region. But originally from the UK

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