Red deadwood on RMJ

Hey y’all!
I’ve been working on a very old RMJ for a few years now, and after defining the live vein this year I discovered a strip of resinous red wood right on the front of the tree. Cleaning with a dremel revealed that it is definitely the color of this patch of wood.
Should I make it a feature or try to progressively mute it with lime sulfur?
This is after a single coat, but I’m tempted to wire brush it and oil it :thinking:


It’s perfectly natural. Usually it’s because that area has been uncovered later than the white part. Give it a couple of months and it usually fades.

Thanks for the reply. I started to suspect this shortly after posting :rofl:.
It’s definitely a new experience working with such old wood.

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One of Ryan’s things is the different colors and textures of dead wood. Knarley aged older, textured mid aged, smoother new… I like the look, too…!
I very seldom bleach my dead wood. I like the gray and natural look. I do use the traditional sulfides to preserve though.

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