Potentilla I love you!

One of my favorite things about bonsai is the extra appreciation for the nature in my state. This collection brought me to a place that was really inspiring. Very much like a desert on this private property. Not a big area, but full of character.

Anyway, I brought a few pieces of random stuff and also collected an unknown plant for a possible accent if I ever show this tree one day in the future.

I don’t really have any point here just wanted to share my excitement for a new species and a new environment. Also, the container will be hard to choose for this tree. I think I will leave it as a semi cascade. Let me know your thoughts on this Potentilla.

on instagram as @michigan_yamadori


Wow, nice! Love the twisty trunk.

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Great find! That will be awesome some day. Now I’m interested to see what is in the grow boxes on the edge of the photos. :grinning:

Truly a great find with a lot of gnarled branches and deadwood poking through. Please post your pictures after you get it styled.