Potentilla styling guidance

Hi folks,

First time poster here. I’ve been lurking and learning for about a year and decided it’s time to ask for some guidance on a tree from the wonderful Mirai community.

I purchased a Potentilla fruticosa from a local nursery after being inspired by the recent potentilla streams. It is one of the biggest and most complex trees I have worked on yet, but I am pleased with how it is going so far. As with many subjects, there is that one branch or problem area that I’m struggling to rectify.

In this instance, it is the branch circled in the second image. I was hoping that some folks could offer their opinions on what I should do with it. Its long and leggy, but has a nicely structured foliar mass at the end. I don’t want it to be the lowest branch because I like the current lowest branch all the way to the left. I tried bending it out flatter, but it adds symmetry to the tree that I’m not keen on.

What do you all think? Obligatory branch-hidden-with-paper towel shot included.

Also, I am a little stuck on what to do with the second circled branch. It crosses the trunk in a weird way, has very little foliage all the way at the tip, and is too stiff to bend. Should I chop or jin? Jin might look good with the other dead wood branches.

If anyone has feedback on any other areas of the tree, please let me know as well! I have never had feedback on one of my pieces from any bonsai community. Be as harsh as you would like! haha

Thanks in advance!

Nice potentilla!

Id hack it off. I looked at your pictures before I read your text and the branch in the green circle was very hard to digest. The “n” shape is wholly against the movement of the rest of the composition.

Imagining that its not there lightens up the design and help the overall movement to the left. Potentilla back bud like lunatics, so you will have many a chance to regrow something there if you so desire

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Thanks, Yugen!

Your suggestions are great and I totally agree. I’m glad to hear they back bud so well, and I also haven’t finished wiring the furthest right branch, which would allow me to fill some of that negative space if necessary. Though I do really like the movement to the left…

Do you think it’s worth jinning the green circled branch? As well as the other one I have circled? Or are they too insignificant to leave hanging around, clouding up the design paradigm?

Thanks again!

Im born and bred as a pine guy, so I love me some good ol jiny jin. I nearly always make a big jin and over time i reduce it to the level that my eye feels is in sync. You can always take away but never regain.

But, again, that “n” curve is… difficult. As deadwood is nearly impossible to bend, I’d either bend branch back up with foliage on- should set in less than 6 months, or cut off the curve and leave yourself with an upright jin.

For the other part it is hard to tell in the pic, it kinda looks like its pointing at the eye a bit too much. Try it, and see if you like it. If not snip snip crack

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Alright, you’ve convinced me. Both branches are getting the jin treatment. The N shape rightfully has to go. It looks worse the more I see it haha.

The shorter upright jin idea for both makes sense to me and should even add a little more asymmetry.

Again, great suggestions and thanks for the help!

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Post the results when you get to it!

Result! I think its looks much better!

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keep it going, looks much better!