Post your bonsai collection

Looks great! @Mr.Ferntastic

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@Bonsai_Bentley man I think for a “newbie” you really bring some heat to the forums!

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Thanks for the kind words, Hex! I just get overly excited about bonsai lol.

I’m looking at your post in “Post your bonsai collection”, I’m curious about the effectiveness of the grow lights. Do they promote health and growth? I’ve been considering them . . .

I assume you mean for indoor bonsai? I can’t really speak to anything too long term. I used them last year to help the plants along, but the location I had them in was so bright that idk how much they helped. I figured that it couldn’t hurt. :man_shrugging:t4:

I’ve used them in my office (when I actually did go into an office) and definitely noticed a difference when I used them vs not. Totally different scenario though as my desk was pretty far away from a window. From my aquarium days lighting was crucial in my tanks. I had both freshwater planted and saltwater reef tanks.

This year my wife wants to start some spring flowers from seeds indoors. We’ll be using supplemental lighting for those, but they’ll be a lot beefier that what I currently have.

What’s your scenario?

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I keep everything I bring in into the house under some supplemental lighting, ideally with window access, but honestly by the time winter really hits, effective daylength runs really short if you don’t have the trees pointed due south. Elsewise, I’m with @Bonsai_Bentley, a little supplemental light couldn’t hurt.

Continuing on with the tour, my tropicals, seedlings, or anything that can do without a period of dormancy have been inside for a while now, where-ever there’s space really. (Ignore the tomatoes, REALLY hard to get a good nebari on a Beefsteak.) Had some losses this year gambling on overnight temperatures, but my favorites have all re-adapted well to their winter accommodations.

Most everything else is hunkered down in the garage to await spring; the benches were designed with winter housing in mind so they stack pretty nicely. Mostly sticks in pots out here, but they’re MY sticks so I love them, though most have no idea the level of experimentation they’re going to have to put up with to earn that love. :rofl: Everything else is outside, under varying levels of cover and about a foot of snow at the moment, gamely sacrificing themselves to test of the true meaning of winter hardiness.


Interesting to see your collections! I have a blog where you can see photos of some of my trees, mostly stuff in refinement:


Nice! Thank you for sharing!


Love your collection. Thanks for sharing!.

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