Ponerosa Pine - Grafting American Natives

Hey, I was thinking about the videos where @ryan is working a small Ponderosa pine that’s been grafted with JBP so the foliage isn’t ridiculously oversized. I’ve been thinking about trying it out, but I was also wondering if there are any American natives that would make good scion candidates. I don’t know that the foliage would be any better than JBP, but something about the idea of using an American scion sounds interesting to me. Knowing very little about grafting compatibility, I am considering trying lodgepole pine or pitch pine as they are multi-flush, or possibly limber pine to get a sorta JWP foliage on a JBP trunk look. Anyone know anything about the compatibility of these species, success rates, or anything like that?

My understanding is that any of the mentioned pines could be grafted onto pondos. I perspnally have grafted scots on and know others to have grafted mugo, JRP, JBP, Korean, various dwarf varieties.I would not bother trying jack as the needles are twisted. I vote for lodgepole, I like their needles. Just follow the grafting guidlines and besure your matetial is healthy and becoming really vigorous.

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