Pinus jeffreyi as Bonsai

Does anybody know if Pinus jeffreyi is:
A) suitable bonsai material?
B) single- or multi-flush?
C) able to back bud reliably?
D) typical care for the type or something unique?

Thank you.

Jefferyi is closely related to Ponderosa pine and (at least in the wild) are very similar except for the smell. It tends to grow higher and drier than Ponderosa but I believe they’d be suitable.

I haven’t had one as a bonsai but I’d assume it’s single flush.

Jeffreyi are long needle single flush and closely related to ponderosa. I would suggest treating them as ponderosa and see how they behave.

Thanks. I live near native Ponderosa and Jeffrey. They aren’t really that similar once you get to know them, and a forester told me their similarities are superficial. Hopefully they are similar enough to treat the same for bonsai.


Jeffery Pine is related to Ponderosa and often grow near each other in the Sierra. Hybridized species between the two exist in multiple areas in CA. This would be a long needled single flush yellow pine, that I would treat like Ponderosa. Fun fact that Jeffery pine sap contains Heptane and is highly flammable.

In my experience, Jeffery pine needles are even longer than the RM Ponderosa you frequently see at Mirai, they will reduce with proper fertilization, soil, container, etc. I think they would make great large size Bonsai, but might be tough to pull off med-small size Bonsai without grafting. I’ve had success grafting Black Pine onto Jeffery. In CA I haven’t seen trunks that would compare to RM Ponderosa with beautiful twists and curves, but there are still great trees for Bonsai. I’ve collected a few Sierra Jefferey over the years and all have lived and done great. Here’s one I collected several years back, prob my fav from what i’ve collected.