Pinus alepensis does really potentialy use for bonsai?

Hello every one.
newbies in bonsaï culture, i m professional gardener.
I m from south of france, mediterranean climate, hot & dry summer, short winter period (month and half).
I m cultivating ulmus parvifolia, quercus robur yamadori," acer burgeranium, japanese maple, larix decidua, ingelman spruce" with a shade cloth, black pine, red pine, miyagima white pine, pine sylvestris ( nursery stock).
Do you think pinus alepensis could be use as bonsai raw material. it s growing from 400m elevation, really long needles, long candles, single flush.
if you looking on google, they got a profile beautiful with lot of died branches down on the trunk and branches going down and upward at the end. close to black pine in the natural design.


Did a search on Pinus alepenis bonsai and got several images. The one above is the best tree I found in development. Letting the single flush long needle pine grow many needles is what reduces the ponderosa pine in north America. I do not see why it would not work the same for this sub-alpine pine.
Get a few and experiment. The way to learn and become proficient is to work with the species and find out what they need to thrive in a container.
We are so lucky to have this forum and livestreams to vastly improve our horticultural skills and artistic techniques!

thanks, i thought growing like a jwp, fertilize during september/october. let grow elongate hardening let s increase the traffic, promote the back budding and prune at the desire lengh.

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Read this blog. This is the basis of my recommendation to grow hard to shorten the needles.

Good luck with the trees.
Have fun, learn lots, pass it on!


here a pinus halepensis, which is categorized japanese white pine just saw.
So now i know how to drive his cuture:
hammer on fertilization
wood box for the culture helps the O2
let it grow untouched untill the backbudding appears. the problem is the huge size of the candle. in 2/3 years branch can be 1meter long.
but with nursery plant mistakes can be made.
yamadori sylvestris in france became pure gold, very expensive. hard to get the permision from the forestry office to collect and lot of illegal collect make a bad reputation to bonsaï here.
thanks for the link, very instructive

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So do you work for private citizens or corporations as a gardener? May be able to get an old pine or juniper that is poorly placed or needing to be replaced and treat it as a yardadori! Many of the old pines and junipers that are shown in Japan lived the first part of their lives as garden shrubs. :thinking:

i ve got my own business.
Really rare to find juniper in garden, due to bores issues. Pines are cultivated as wind trees so 5/10 meter tall.
Due to hot summer, and rocky soil but much so most of trees grows higher and straigh to the sky? no twist or crazy mouvements, rare small trees. that why everybody go legally or illegaly in the Alps mountain to collect scoth pines as they can and destroy Mother Nature.
I just collected last winter a quercus Robur hybrid less than 90 centimeters with massive bark. He responding well to the collection process. Next winter got permission for a prunus spinosa Double trunk with nice bark.