Please, support in tree identification

Dear Mirai community,

kindly asking for your support in identifying below two pines.
Thank you much for your effort.

Tree A

Tree B



Hi @antelion
Where is this pine from?

Hello AndyK,

Tree A i have no information at all, tree B was grown in CE Europe.


I’m going to take a beginners shot at it (kind of a test) and say that a Pinus contorta (Shore pine) and B. is a Pinus Thunbergii (Japanese Black Pine). I’m hoping one of the more advanced members will correct me if I am incorrect, thanks folks

I think they could both be Pinus sylvestres - Scots pine.

I agree with @rafi. They both look like Pinus sylvestris. Tree A perhaps not 100%, the foliage looks very dense and not so sparingly like at tree B but i would say Pinus Sylvestris anyway for both of them.

Hi @antelion
I’m going with @rafi and @SkeiL
The candels look like Sylvestres. Short needle single flush in Mirai speak

Dear all,

thank you very much for your time and expertise. Regarding tree A one question though. There are some very long needles present (please see picture for detail). Would this still fit the short needle pine?

Tear a needle apart with your fingers, sylvestris will reveal a pale coloured fibrous structure